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5th Day in Quinter

Today in Kansas, I learned how muddy it can get on a farm. I went to a cattle farm, where I watched a calf get tagged, fed the cattle, drove a front-end loader, and explored farm equipment. We learned about the feed for the cattle, and were able to watch them being fed. After being at the farm for a long time, I got back to the school right when the girls basketball team was going to leave for an away game. I got on the bus in time, and we went to St. Francis, a school 2 hours away from Quinter. After the game, I met Katherine’s oldest brother when we had dinner at Pizza Hut.

Some calves in a shelter on the farm.This dog (Gracie) was very affectionate and liked to give hugs.The front-end loader used to shovel feed into a truck.Hannah and I on the wheels of a tractor. They were big.The sunset on the way back from St. Francis. You can see really pretty ones where it's flat.

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4th Day in Quinter

Today in Quinter, I saw and toured Paramount Seeds, and the Jamison Ranch with the other exchange student from San Francisco named Hannah. At Paramount Seeds, we learned about the production of wheat, barley, and oats, and toured the workrooms and warehouses. After stopping back at the school for lunch, Hannah and I were picked up and taken to the Jamison Ranch. There, we rode out 10 miles to the southern pasture to feed some of the horses. They followed the truck while we were throwing out the feed, and some of them even stuck their heads through the windows! Once we drove back to the main barn, Hannah and I got to ride one of the horses. Western saddle is a lot different than English saddle.

We drove back to school just before it ended. I met Katherine and we joined her friends at the Soda Fountain (it’s like an ice cream parlor) for some yumminess. Tomorrow I will be going with the girls basketball team to St. Francis, a school 2 hours away, for a game.

This is one of the machines used for moving grain.

(I had more pictures, but my camera died while uploading them. I’ll put them in tomorrow.)

3rd Day in Quinter

Today, I visited a sheep farm with the other exchange student from California. After getting into warm clothes, we walked to the 1st barn where the ewes and lambs were. We got to feed bottle feed some of the lambs, and helped fill the feed buckets for the ewes. I had a helper for some of the time, a cat named Silver who decided that I was a horse, and rode on my back. We got a tour of the whole farm, and helped out more with feeding the animals. Later, after school, Katherine and I collapsed on the “couch of death”, until dinner time.
 This is the couch of death, and I am being eaten by it.

2nd Day in Quinter

After waking up and having a small breakfast, Katherine and I set out to walk to school. The schedule is different in their school, it’s the same every day. The first class was Algebra I, which I had to leave early to go on a tour of Frontier Agriculture. I saw the grain elevator, which stores the grain harvested and brought in by trucks. Then I went to the fertilizer plant, and to the bunkers where more grain is stored. After those wonderful and educational tours, I went back to the school for the rest of the day. The classes were great.

The last hour class was sports practice and P.E. After it was over, there was a home basketball game. (Quinter won!!)  I was told that tomorrow I would be visiting a sheep farm. Can’t wait!!

1st Full Day in Quinter

My first full day in Quinter started out with going to church, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Driving there took awhile, but I got to see the country. It’s really pretty, sunny, and flat. You can see for miles without many obstructions (except trees and cows).  The service was great and interesting, and everyone there was really nice and welcoming.  After the service, we visited her uncle’s farm, and saw the cows and dogs. Tonight me and Katherine stayed home while her parents went to a Super Bowl party, and watched the Puppy Bowl VIII. I’ll be visiting the school tomorrow, and get to watch a basketball game.

 This is the flatness. It’s awesome.This is a cow. Me and Katherine. I feel short.

Arrival in Quniter

When I arrived in Hays, I was welcomed by Mr. Lee, his daughter Katelyn, and my host, Katherine. We ate at a restaurant called Freddy’s (we don’t have it in Philly). In Quinter, I got the five minute tour around town. After getting settled and watching a movie (Courageous) with Katherine’s friend Baanah, I played Golf. Without a green. Inside. With cards. It’s not the usual kind of golf. But still fun.

I’m really excited for the next week here!!