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1st Full Day in Quinter

February 5, 2012

My first full day in Quinter started out with going to church, at Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church. Driving there took awhile, but I got to see the country. It’s really pretty, sunny, and flat. You can see for miles without many obstructions (except trees and cows).  The service was great and interesting, and everyone there was really nice and welcoming.  After the service, we visited her uncle’s farm, and saw the cows and dogs. Tonight me and Katherine stayed home while her parents went to a Super Bowl party, and watched the Puppy Bowl VIII. I’ll be visiting the school tomorrow, and get to watch a basketball game.

 This is the flatness. It’s awesome.This is a cow. Me and Katherine. I feel short.


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  1. Glad you’re there safe and sound Lily! Have an awesome time and keep the pictures coming!

  2. Bob Lynam permalink

    Looks cold there. Hope you are having fun. We miss you.

  3. Henry Wood permalink

    now i feel like a midget (which i am)

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