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5th Day in Quinter

February 10, 2012

Today in Kansas, I learned how muddy it can get on a farm. I went to a cattle farm, where I watched a calf get tagged, fed the cattle, drove a front-end loader, and explored farm equipment. We learned about the feed for the cattle, and were able to watch them being fed. After being at the farm for a long time, I got back to the school right when the girls basketball team was going to leave for an away game. I got on the bus in time, and we went to St. Francis, a school 2 hours away from Quinter. After the game, I met Katherine’s oldest brother when we had dinner at Pizza Hut.

Some calves in a shelter on the farm.This dog (Gracie) was very affectionate and liked to give hugs.The front-end loader used to shovel feed into a truck.Hannah and I on the wheels of a tractor. They were big.The sunset on the way back from St. Francis. You can see really pretty ones where it's flat.


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  1. Katelyn (Katherine's friend) permalink

    I hope you liked your time here, cuz I know I liked having you here. I also miss your slightly different way of talking then us and awesome jersey accent 🙂

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